Friday, January 21, 2011

Brain Gym

Since Mikail has extensive damage to the left side of his brain, we have been very conscious in trying to stimulate his brain so that his brain can create new pathways in it's development. It is amazing how babies brains can create new neurological pathways that we as adults would never be able to create should we experience a stroke. It is our hope that so many new pathways will be created that it will never be evident that he has endured brain damage.

In order to do this we go to physiotherapy and occupational therapy and speech and language therapy on a monthly basis and practice the exercises we get from these therapies on a daily basis. This may sound overwhelming, but it is amazing how it is just integrated in the way we play with our little guy. It is all done around play which is so great since we would be playing with him anyhow. Now it is just a lot more purposeful, I suppose.

As a teacher I took part in Brain Gym training. Many people are skeptical as to whether Brain Gym actually works and believe that the studies behind it aren't valid. Well, pffft to that. Having used Brain Gym in the classroom and now doing Brain Gym activities with Mikail I am a firm believer in it working. I am so thankful that we got a letter from Jason's aunt outlining these activities in the early weeks of Mikail's life. They reminded me of the training I had and how we could do these with Mikail and hopefully help him in another way. Thank you Aunt Janet!

When I used Brain Gym in the classroom we did numerous activities, but with a newborn it is difficult to do some of these activities so we have been focusing on the 'cross crawl' with Mikail, believing that crossing his limbs over the midline of his body will stimulate both sides of his brain. We really believe that this in combination with his physiotherapy and occupational therapy stretches and activities have helped Mikail immensely.

Curious on how the cross crawl is done with infants? Check it out at this link.

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