Monday, February 16, 2015


When starting this blog about Mikail’s journey, I thought it would continue on for years and years, but it seems that this will be the last entry and oh how heartbreaking that is for me to write.

You see, three days before January 23rd, our dear son Mikail had the common cold/flu. Friday January 23rd he didn't wake up in the morning. How does one describe finding your precious boy's body, lifeless? How does one describe the physical ache and pain one feels in the aftermath of unexpectedly losing your first born child. The boy that was your miracle baby. The boy who was healthy and vibrant and full of life? The boy that loved people and Jesus. Our boy.

We thought we would share life's journey with him for the rest of OUR lives. God in His infinite wisdom saw otherwise and I am not sure that we will every understand that, this side of heaven. What we do know is that Mikail loved his Jesus. We know that he is sitting at the feet of Jesus and that although we miss him so incredibly much, a thousand days on earth are a short day of much joy for him in heaven.

The autopsy showed that the cold/flu that Mikail had, masked the acute bacterial pneumonia that took his life within hours of infecting his body. There was nothing we or the doctor's could have done differently. Even the Coroner said that had this happened to one of his children, he and his wife (also a doctor) would have done exactly what we had done and had we brought Mikail to the ER, we would have been sent home and the outcome would have been the same. If he was in our shoes, they would be burying their child. A very unfortunate lightening strike situation.

After all that Mikail has been through in his life. After all of the struggles and the incredible triumphs through those struggles, it is difficult to understand why God, in His infinite wisdom and love would choose to take him now. We find deep comfort in the knowledge that he is in heaven at the feet of Jesus. It is our deepest prayer that even in death, his life will inspire and encourage others, pointing to the gracious love he had for Jesus and that each and every one of us is worthy of that love.

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Mrs. Mace said...

Thank you so very much for sharing your precious boy with us. We were blessed the day he walked through the doors at CPS and became a part of our class. He was an absolute joy each and every day. He loved his bike rides,show and share and eventually swimming. His gentle nature, beautiful smile and contagious laugh will be forever in my heart.

Amy Murray said...

I wish I could think of what to say. I don't know either of you, but have heard Angela speak of her "amazing" sister-in-law, and this, much prior to your loss. Your blog is honest and real, and reminds me to appreciate each day, and to live it to the full, as you have done. Although it may be of little comfort, coming from someone you don't know, please know that my prayers are with you all as you navigate this unspeakably difficult time. Amy Murray