Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Play Group and a Mama's Breaking Heart

So, we went to the EIP (Early Intervention Program) play group this week. There were 'a zillion and one' kids there...mostly 2-3 year olds. It was a small cramped room with lots of kids and even more adults. I was assured by our EIP Worker that normally there are only 4-6 kids. Yikers. I was overwhelmed, never mind Mikail. We stuck it through though and played at the various centers as best as a 9 month old can play with toys that are developmentally geared to 2-3 year olds. The snack time was geared to the older kids as well, but Mikail did love the story time and singing time. He loves stories and music.

I sound all 'Negative Nancy' about the whole thing. I don't think it is the fault of any of the planners or the program. I think it is me and my head. I was sad to have our son surrounded by a slue of special needs children. They were all super duper sweet and all, but is this the place for him? Or am I in some sort of denial? Doctor's keep telling us that Mikail is fine. He is developing within the parameters of a normal child for his age. I see him at nursery at church and he is sitting up and loving his tummy time before the other kids born the same month as he was. He plays nicely until he gets tired and hungry and then he wants Mama or Daddy NOW.

Why did I take him to the EIP Play Group then? Well, we don't have many opportunities for Mikail to interact with other kids and he is developing this huge 'Mama's baby', separation anxiety characteristic. Yes, this is quite normal for this age, but I want to be proactive and help him through it. Not stay at home and baby him, but encourage him in teaching him that there are safe environments out there besides his home and Mama and Daddy's arms.

I am just not sure that the EIP Play Group is the place for him...or maybe it's just not the place for my Mama Heart just yet. It makes me think (and worry) about his future. What is it going to look like? Is he going to continue to blow us away with his development or are these special programs going to become a part of the rest of our lives?


Anonymous said...

Have you tried The Parent Link Center? (Not sure if that's where you were or not). They have a ton of awesome programs for kids 0-24 months, and even up to 5 years old.

I go to the 0-6 month Crib Talk on Tuesdays, I think the 7-12 month one is on Mondays?

(This is assuming you're still in GP, lol.)

Iris said...

I finally got a hold of the Parent Link Center schedule. It's really hard to find, but now that I am on the email list we will consider going to the 7-12 month one.