Friday, January 21, 2011

Guess who got his first haircut?

That would be Mikail.
We finally bit the bullet and got an appointment and off we went.
He wasn't so sure about it all.
Lots of tears.
He looks sooooo much better now:

We won't talk about how we waited until almost a week after the snow storm to go out so that we wouldn't get stuck. We won't talk about how the street in front of the salon was not cleared. We won't talk about how Mama GOT STUCK and couldn't get out...even in 4x4. Even in 4x4 Low. Even with the help of a kind gentleman who knows how to get vehicles unstuck. The road was THAT bad. We WILL talk about how this gentleman asked a bobcat driver guy to help us out and we got unstuck. We WILL talk about what a great little trooper we have. He entertained the salon girls while Mama shoveled and made phone calls. We decided not to go run errands after this escapade. Cabin fever seems just fine after all :)


Monica said...

Oh my goodness! I hate running into problems when I'm by myself. Yay for people willing to help!

Iris said...

Yes, it kinda sucks being alone with a baby when something like this happens, but everyone was super helpful. Oh and I didn't say this, but my cell phone is also permanently dead so I had to borrow the salon's phone and tie up their lines. Nice!

Anonymous said...

Thank God they finally cleared the roads! It was ridiculous for a while there!