Friday, July 29, 2011

True Crawling

Since Mikail got the elbow brace, the smart little guy learned how to army crawl using the other side, so the brace was pointless after a week or so and then we went on holidays and spent a lot of time outside where there wasn't any slippery hardwood to army crawl on...just lots of grass. That and the encouragement of a lot of family and friends got our little guy crawling 'the real crawl'. Here he is crawling with Papa:

Since this is now easy as pie for him, he has been focusing more on walking and is soooo close, but as we know, when Mikail is 'sooo close', he is still a few months away from reaching his goal. But we keep encouraging him and building his confidence:

Not only have these motor skills taken off, so has his speech, which totally took off again after the crawling thing was down-pat. He is signing up a storm and throwing in verbal words here and there as well. I know this will come to a halt once he is close to walking, like it usually does when a motor skill takes over, but then, beware, I am sure he'll be back to all that verbal learning. With all of these new skills, he sure surprised his therapists this week.

They were giddy with joy.

I was a proud Mama.

Oh and a tid-bit that was so encouraging to me for all of you Mama's out there who walk the journey with a child who has developmental issues, I learned from our therapists that if a baby can sit up by the time he or she is 2 years old, he or she WILL walk as an adult. Isn't that awesome? A great goal to reach for.


Jo said...

OH such cute pictures! He is surpassing my girls! (and they were uncomplicated births) He is doing wonderfully and all the good attention he is getting is going to get him far in life. How blessed he is to have such great support and prayer on his side.

Anonymous said...

That tidbit is VERY encouraging, thank you!! :)