Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Physio @ Home

Mikail had his monthly Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy/Speech and Language Therapy session last week. We had a blast like usual.

The biggest thing right now is getting this little dude to crawl. He is army crawling like a champ, but that's not the point. He NEEDS to crawl the 'real way'. I shared some of my observations about Mikail favouring one side of his body when he is army crawling and that I thought that the other side is weak. The physiotherapist agreed and said that he also has a big head to lug around so that is extra weight that some kids don't have to deal with (J and I both have giant heads so the poor little guy has to deal with it too). Add very short legs to a tall little boy that already has gross motor difficulties, it's a mixture for trouble.

So, we stripped him down and looked at the muscle tone in his back and you could see a divet on one side where the other was muscular. Hmmm. Time to strengthen both sides evenly. All that army crawling has strengthened one side, but not the other.

We made a little video for Mikail's Grandparents so they could see him doing his exercises with the therapy peanut. It's been a week since we've shot this video and he is doing soooo much better. He can go 15-20 seconds now and also moves his arms/hands in a crawling position when he is on the ball. Amazing what even a week of a new exercise can do.

Enjoy the video (excuse my silly sounding voice. Why do we always sound so dumb on videos?):

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