Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where art thou, afternoon naps?

To my great sadness, Mikail is cutting out his afternoon nap. I have tried, with much frustration to make it happen using many various techniques, but if he 'ain't' tired, he 'ain't' gonna sleep. I've tried shifting his morning nap to noon, but that turns into a miserable morning for both of us. So, lately he's been having the morning nap and just having quiet time in the afternoon. Now, how does one break up a very long afternoon when it's still not nice enough outside to go for walks or dare find the park under that meter of snow that is still out there?

Well, I found 17 Baby Einstein DVDs on kijiji for $40. SCORE!! I didn't think he'd like them because he doesn't really like TV outside of commercials. Treehouse just isn't for him. Well, combine Baby Einstein with snack time and we've got a winner:

Sure, there's always something else to do rather than watch... wave at Mama while bending sideways...

...but mostly he is intent on watching the screen and eating his snack, clapping along to the music, or waving at the characters and jabbering back at them.

Baby Einstein may not make Mikail into the future Einstein, but it sure keeps him somewhat entertained while Mama writes a quick blog entry ;)


Jo said...

So cute! He is adorable!

Iris said...

Thanks, Jo! :)