Sunday, November 7, 2010

Reflecting on the First Six Months of Mikail's Life

It is hard to believe that Mikail will be six months old this week. My, does time fly!

I have been reflecting on everything that has happened in these past six months and as my thoughts drift over the moments that seem to pop up first in my mind, I am reminded of how blessed we are. Beyond blessed. I think of the day we put Mikail in his Jolly Jumper and he didn't know what to do with the right side of his body and only jumped using his left side. My initial reaction was panic. Then we remembered that we can teach him that he has a right side to his body and help his brain create new pathways. It took a day or two of fun play time and you would never know that we had that moment of panic a few months ago.

Jumping in the Jolly Jumper is so much more fun when Daddy comes home from work.

I think of that day back in May when the Pediatrician told us that Mikail would most likely have to be fed using a feeding tube for the rest of his life. This week marked the addition of a new sold food, fed by spoon to a little boy who is learning to LOVE avocado along with his baby cereal. We are blessed:

The Adventures in Avocado have become 'gag-less' by now.

And the most fun of all? The giggles Mikail loves to share with anyone who will play with him. Here he is giggling with his Oma:

This coming week we will learn more about Mikail's development as we have appointment in Edmonton on Monday November 15th. We will spend the morning at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Clinic and then spend the afternoon at the Stollery Children's Hospital with the Neurologist. We hope to continue to receive the positive news we have received so far, but a Mama's heart remains a tad guarded as these important appointments draw near.

Keep checking back for an update on this trip to Edmonton.


Ruth said...

Both my boys favored one foot or the other when they first went in to the jolly jumper. So, this may be some what normal - or my boys are just abnormal for kids with no known medical issues. Or maybe I just put them in crooked!

Iris said...

Yes, I thought it was cuz I put him in crooked, but when I changed his positioning in the jumper, he still only jumped on one leg, until we taught him that he had two legs. So interesting.