Tuesday, May 28, 2013


At the end of April Dr. Watt, the Physical Medication doctor came to Grande Prairie to see some of his patients. He comes twice a year but we always only see him in Spring. The appointment was at 11:30 a.m. I was there at 11:25 and Jason arrived from a job site at 11:33 and the appointment was already done. Dr. Watt was once again amazed by Mikail. He said that the only physical sign that he had a stroke at birth is that when you check the reflexes on his feet, his toes point down on one foot and up on the other. All this indicates is that one side of the brain is weaker than the other. In observing his walking, running, jumping and climbing there was no evidence of a stroke. Praise God!!

*     *     *

We haven't been to see Mikail's Neurologist in about a year and a half, so his follow up appointment was to be around his third birthday. We drove the five hours to Edmonton to see the doctor at the Stollery Children's Hospital only to find out that the only contact we would actually have with the Neurologist was me accidentally bumping into him with the stroller and apologizing. I guess that isn't totally a bad thing because it means he is doing well enough to only be seen by the Nurse Practitioner. Still, I was disappointed.

The appointment consisted of us answering a few questions and updating what has happened in the past 18 month, Mikail walking and running for the Nurse, and a quick physical exam.

I walked away from that appointment feeling as though it had been a warning of the extremely tough years we have ahead of us in the school system and that we should keep as much information about his history to ourselves as possible. Being a teacher, myself, I was blown away. Having worked with many different types of students with many different types of needs, it was the parents who kept things from me that I always felt were also keeping their child from receiving the best education possible. So, this confused me a bit. I guess it is a matter of 'wait and see' and if it is really as horrible as she made it out to be, well, then there is always the option to Home School.

*     *     *

Other than that he had his yearly physical and all is well. I am thinking I should make an appointment with his pediatrician as well as get his ears and eyes checked. Going to get through this month first and then we'll add more to the roster of life.

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