Wednesday, April 25, 2012

PhysMed Clinic

Six months ago we were in Edmonton for what was our last appointment at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. At that time we saw Dr. Watt, a pediatrician and a physiatrist and were told that he would see us in his 'out of town program' in April. April is here and Mikail had his appointment with Dr. Watt yesterday. It was so nice not to have to drive the five hours to Edmonton, stay in a hotel, and then drive the five hours back, just for a 15 minute appointment.

We had quite the team at the appointment. Mikail's physiotherapist and speech and language therapists were there along with another physiotherapist and two physio students. Then there was Dr. Watt and his nurse. I was able to sit in such a way that I was able to see Dr. Watt's computer screen when he pulled up the initial MRI images of Mikail's brain.  He kept flashing through them, back and forth, back and forth, shaking his head and muttering words such as 'amazing' and 'unbelievable'. I too saw the images with the damage quite evident. The images do not match up with the little boy that was running around chasing balls and socializing with others in the room. There is no visible physical evidence that Mikail had a brain injury and any stimulation given to his legs, feet, arms and hands reflect the same. As we know, he is delayed in expressive speech, but not in receptive speech. Although he is not expressing himself verbally like other kids his age (just yet...we keep being reminded that he is also a boy and boys are 'slower' in speech often), he is communicating quite well in a combination of the use of vocabulary, sign language, and gestures. Dr. Watt didn't seem worried but made sure that his Speech Therapist will formally test him in about a year. He was utterly shocked that Mikail is potty trained before the age of two.

It was so great to see another doctor be shocked at the miraculous little boy we have. What a testimony to God's healing hand.

We will see Dr. Watt next April when he comes for another visit to town. He didn't see any reason to see him in six months. Hooray!

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