Monday, November 7, 2011

Mikail has something to share...

(the shirt says: 'I'm a big brother soon')

It's been quiet in blog land for me. Combine being in the first trimester of pregnancy and having a little boy who is walking/running around everywhere, it equals a very tired Mama. So, I have been indulging myself in long naps while Mikail has his nap. This used to be my blogging or reading time, but now it seems to be a resting and growing baby time and that is wonderful!!

Mikail's little sibling is estimated to arrive around May 19, 2012. Mikail's due date was May 16th, so they will be pretty much two years apart. Because of the drama and trauma of Mikail's birth, my doctor sent me straight to an Ob/Gyn. She is awesome and caring and compassionate and after long conversations and listening to my story and reviewing the official medical reports, she is highly recommending a planned cesarean birth for this little one. I have many thoughts on that and they are all over the place, but mostly I feel relieved that this baby won't have to endure the trauma and injury Mikail went through. That alone is enough to put the other thoughts and feelings on having a planned cesarean to the back of my mind and I'm to the point where I am beginning to be okay with it.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Iris!! :D

I'm thinking that I will probably be going down the planned c-section route eventually as well...because I'm assuming you're the same as me and don't really want a repeat of last time! (lol?)

I can't wait to see pictures of your new bundle of joy! :) <3

Iris said...

Thanks, Olivia!

You're right, I really don't want a repeat of what happened last time...yet a part of me thinks I somehow 'failed' since I couldn't give birth it makes me weak or something. I know...doesn't make logical sense, but feelings aren't always logical. Jason keeps reminding me that he was there for all 38 hours of Mikail's labour and there was nothing 'weak' about what I went through...besides this isn't about ME it's about bringing a baby into the world safely and in full health.