Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mikail!!

One year ago today our lives changed forever ~ in the best way possible. After nine wonderful months of waiting to meet you and after what felt like an even longer 38 hour labour of love, we got to finally hold you in our arms. This past year has brought so much with it and we are blessed beyond measure. Today you are 12 months old. That's a whole year. Happy Birthday my Mickey-D. Here is my prayer for you:

This was then:

6 lbs 11 oz ~ 19 inches long

This is now:

24 lbs 6 oz ~ 30.3 inches long


Kendra said...

LOVE that song and video. So amazing and so true.

Iris said...

Isn't it great. I still cry each time I go back and watch it. So touching and so true.