Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Follow-up Appointment Time

Well, it's here...just about:

This week, just before Mikail's first birthday, we head off to Edmonton for his 12 month follow up appointments. We will be at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital for a few hours to spend time with the Social Worker, Hearing Specialist, Physiotherapist, and Pediatrician. Then we head to the Stollery Children's Hospital to have is eyes assessed by a pediatric ophthalmologist. We were told at the very start of this all that Mikail may have some vision problems--specifically peripheral vision. Now that he is about 12 months old it is time to have this all checked out. We have no reason to believe that he has any vision issues, but it does need to be checked out.

Normally we would also see Dr. Yager, his neurologist, while we are there, but he is so behind on follow-up appointments that we will wait. I called to check it out and they said that Mikail is doing so well and there are no huge concerns at this point, so we will just wait until Dr. Yager catches up a bit. It just means another medical trip in the future.

We are looking forward to a great time of 'wowing' the doctors and specialists (yet a small part of my 'Worried Mama Heart' wonders whether there will be any surprises--sigh).

Will update once we are back.

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